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Welcome Bothers and Sisters, was a success!!! We finally did it.  We got the Duran Clan out and Kim and Cindy in with the help of my bothers and sisters we did it. The membership has spoken but the Duran Clan still continues to intimidate the membership and misuse our union funds.  Examples, there misusing the 313-131 negotiation alert text to text members for their political agenda, the Duran Clan will still not concede.  That’s why we have Elections to vote out corruption and tyranny.  The Duran Clan dictatorship is out and our union representatives are in.  Now is the time that UFCW 7 members unite, to win our next big victory and get us a good contract!!!

Final Results


Kim Cordova 1580 Ernest Duran 1268

Cindy Lucero 1692 Crisanta D. 1131

Geanna T. 1493 Lisa Harris 1263

1ST V.P.
Patrick Garcia 1438 Randy Rawlings 1305

2ND V.P.
Dionne B. 1518 Christine A. 1195

3RD V.P.
Danny Craine 1583 Larry Labato 1125

4TH V.P.
Paul Marquez 1475 John Bowen 1240

5TH V.P.
James Boone 1515 Christine Smith 1177

6TH V.P.
Irysha Boone 1435 Joan Heller 1279

7TH V.P.
Joe Martinez 1447 Cheryl B. 1262

8TH V.P.
LaWanda Jones 1500 John Neary 1197
9TH V.P.
Donna Smith 1592 Tony Settles 1103

10TH V.P.
Janet T. 1464 Melanie G. 1227

11TH V.P.
Marilyn Mahar 1556 Julie G. 1128

12TH V.P.
Pauline A. 1465 Frank Ross 1232

13TH V.P
Deborah M. 1343 Chris Osborne 1312

14TH V.P.
Sherry D. 1525 Jay Jackson 1159

15TH V.P.
John M. 1492 Jacquelyn Cobb 1204

16TH V.P.
John Cirullo 1466 Christie N. 1225

22ND V.P.
Juan "Tex" E. 1523 Fernando R. 1164

23RD V.P.
Angelica G. 1591 Jaun Perea 1077

24TH V.P.
Cherryl McVey 1584 Eddie R. 1082

The MEMBERS spoke.....